“If you can’t love yourself then how in hell you gonna love somebody else?”

~ RuPaul

Time for something a little different, I say a little different…I mean different to the max! What has caught my tele gorging attention recently is not a historical drama or popular big budget series but RuPaul’s Drag Race: America’s Next Top Model high on skittles and dripping in glam. All thanks to my sister coming across this beauty on Netflix I have been seriously bingeing my way through this and after seeing the light there is no going back.

Sashay your way into this series where the world famous Drag Queen RuPaul tries to find America’s Next Drag Superstar, has done so fabulously for seven seasons and has recently been commissioned for an eighth. This is the most wonderful burst of fresh air to join my watch list and has surpassed the label of being a guilty pleasure. Why feel guilty for liking a show like this? I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t!

Dubbed as Logo’s most successful show, it is not only ground breaking in numbers for a niche show starring competing Drag Queens but the diverse minority representation is unparalleled in this form in modern television. Where else would you find a flock of Queens making over grooms in drag to marry their brides to be in mock up weddings? Nowhere, nowhere I tell you! Each season flourishes more and more as they progress and with a gaggle of celebrity fans such as: Neil Patrick Harris, Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian the support will only continue to grow.

The King of Drag RuPaul. Source: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/dl/rupaul-net-worth/
The King of Drag RuPaul. Source: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/dl/rupaul-net-worth/

RuPaul’s Drag Race doesn’t claim to be anything but itself, the challenges are outrageous, creative and something you would have never witnessed before. Those queens facing elimination must face a lip sync battle and RuPaul’s infectious laugh. (Prepare to see multiple sudden split slam dunks to the floor. Ouch) I have taken my makeup skills into serious questioning when watching what these queens can do, transformations are a daily occurrences and to think some of their creations are from scratch…these dragstars deserve credit where credit is due!

Featuring from Season Six: Top Left- Adore Delano. Top Right- Ben De La Creme. Bottom Left- Courtney Act. Bottom Right- Trinity K Bonet. Source: Logo TV.
Featuring from Season Six: Top Left- Adore Delano. Top Right- Ben De La Creme. Bottom Left- Courtney Act. Bottom Right- Trinity K Bonet. Source: Logo TV.

Fun Fact: Due to the rising success of the show RuPaul has created the first ever Drag Con in Los Angeles this month. 

What needs to be highlighted about this show are the contestants. There wouldn’t be a show without them of course but the mix of foul mouthed bitching, hilarious trading of insults and endearing personal stories makes up for the best pick ‘n’ mix that I’ve ever had! You can see before your eyes as these contestants one moment relate their real stories of parental abandonment, struggles with the homophobic ignorance of society and mental illness, and harness it into their passions in life by their hearts out on the runway with dresses made entirely from sweets. There is much to be admired by the Drag Community and more need to appreciate, understand and support these men. After watching RuPaul my eyes have been opened to see Drag as an art form in its own right, not the stereotypical Dame I see in my local Pantomime every Christmas and efforts should be made in order to keep Drag Acts from being shunted in the mainstream public eye…in conclusion more people should watch this show!

In my personal opinion season six is the easiest to fall in love with. I’m biting my tongue to keep back spoilers but you’ll struggle to pick favourites as there are so many gems in the line-up. If you have reservations about trying a show like this then I say you give it a go! I think you’ll be surprised at how enjoyable a watch this entertaining television competition can be. Trust me on this one.

You can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo TV or catch up on past seasons on Netflix!

What do you think folks? Have you tuned into this show? Or do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments. Also check out my twitter @bingebox for all the latest updates and live tweeting! Thanks!

Binge Rating: ★★★