Well, first things first…

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!? 

I had no idea that this adorable little award existed in the blogging community and not only that but for it to have the best name for an award imaginable. I mean, who doesn’t love dragons? I love dragons! I’m from Wales, our national flag has a whopping red dragon on it.

Second of all…

A Big Dragon Thank You to Vicious Vega for the Nomination!

I certainly wasn’t expecting this, I haven’t been blogging for very long but I must say I have felt very welcomed by all those who actually take time to read my reviews, like and comment. Starting up this blog was a hopeful venture for me, I wanted somewhere to talk about all the amazing television shows I find without bugging my family constantly.

The Dragon's Loyalty Award: The Official Picture I believe?
The Dragon’s Loyalty Award: The Official Picture I believe?

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly.

The rules for Dragon’s Loyalty Award are:

Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.

You must share 7 things other bloggers may not know about you.

Nominate up to 15 bloggers for Dragon’s Loyalty Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog.

Without further ado here are my 7 personal facts: 

  1. I am an avid tea drinker and mug collector. I try to collect a mug for each of my favourite TV shows to drink from and most recently had an Outlander one for my birthday.
  2. My wish for nearly fifteen years or more now has been that Pokemon were real…that wishing star hasn’t been kind to me yet.
  3. I have two adorable dogs! The first is a Cavachon (Bichon Frise and Cavelier King Charles Spaniel) named Bella and a King Charles Spaniel by the name of Jeremy.
  4. I’m a budding Scriptwriter by trade, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I make it someday.
  5. The hardest question I will ever face: What is your favourite Disney film? I just can’t answer that I’m afraid!
  6. I’m not bad at accents, I love slipping into different ones randomly but my favourite has to be Scottish.
  7. I have kept a record of all the books I have read since 2006 in a little green school exercise book.

My Nominations are:





Thanks again for the nomination and if any of you out there can relate to the above seven facts I would love to hear about them! Also check out my twitter @bingebox for all updates and general television goodness. Bye fellow Bingers!