Life has been busy of late, I spent last week experiencing the holiday of a life time in Disneyworld Florida (first time in the USA) and the weeks before that just getting all excited for it. Now I’m home and the laptop screen looks weird and my keyboard feels strange. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, that’s why I’ve been a little sparse on the reviews this past month. However, seeing that blot of time lapse on the blog makes me feel the need to post at least something; so here it is.

On the flight over, unfortunately it wasn’t until the seven out of eight hours had past, that I found BBC’s Poldark on the in-flight entertainment and I was so disappointed when they’d taken it off for the return trip. When I first saw the advert for the series I knew I needed to watch it. I’d been a fan of Aidan Turner since Being Human and it wasn’t enough to try and pick him out from the band of dwarfs in the Hobbit Trilogy. 

One episode and I must say I was impressed, he was oddly natural in the lead role and possesses a stern yet fair sense of entitlement while still being a brooding and wounded love sick puppy. Perhaps this changes throughout the series but I’m looking forward to finding out when I get around to watching the rest of it. It has a clear romance dent for the plot but I didn’t find it too heavy or cliche. Watch this space!

high res BEING HUMAN
Aidan Turner as Mitchell in BBC Three’s Being Human. Oh how I miss this show. Source:

Second of all, just before I left I’d started Sons of Anarchy, it was recommended to me by several friends and a few months back after seeing the promotional pictures of one Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur…let’s say my eyes had been opened. A series about a motorcycle club isn’t usually a prospective plot that I would pick out of the television crowd but I was hooked from the pilot and now I have seven seasons of this brilliance to look forward to. Is this series in need of a review once I’m finished? Or am I too late to this fandom and everyone knows how good it is? That wouldn’t surprise me.

Just one more thing. While I was having the time of my life in Disney I also watched an abundance of the Disney Channel. It has certainly changed since I watched it all those years ago but there’s one show in particular that continued to surprise me. Liv and Maddie. It is a lighthearted show about twins, starring Dove Cameron and their high school life but there are episodes that highlight current social problems surrounding gender and I’m impressed that these are the role models that young girls and boys alike get to have. Loving yourself the way you are, not abiding by social norms of body image, the biased questions that actresses are facing in the media…these are just some of the messages addressed.

Do you remember the Disney Channel programmes that you loved? Do you still watch any? Are you a SOA fan? What have I got to look forward to? Thanks for reading this little blog update. Hope to have a full review out soon.