I don’t know about all of you out there but my binges exist outside of the television and Netflix. I can’t list how many times I’ve just popped on YouTube to watch one video and then two hours later I’m in the middle of an old and very random Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares episode that I don’t know how I found in the first place. YouTube binges are very real and thought it was high time that I recognised them, so here are my top favourite five channels that I just can’t get enough of. 

5. LuckyPennyShop

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This channel is perfect for anyone who love tapping into their inner child or looking back fondly to the good old days. I have spent ridiculous amounts of time watching a guy play with toys that I remember having a kid and seeing how the toys of today compare. It is strangely entertaining and when you’re exhausted and can’t be bothered to commit to watching an episode of a heavy television drama this is a relaxing, casually light alternative form of entertainment. This is the prime example of how I delve deep into YouTube and find the most random of videos. I can’t even remember how I found this channel but the first was watching the host show off a full set of McDonald’s food play sets. Not a hard-hitting news channel but I loved it nonetheless.

4. Feast of Fiction


Have you always wanted to cook something that you’ve seen in your favourite television show, book or film? I have! Multiple times. I’ve wanted to tuck into a hearty, Scottish Outlander stew and dumplings or cuddle up with a Once Upon a Time hot chocolate with cinnamon. I’ve done the latter many a time to watch the show with actually. However, Feast of Fiction takes this to another level and I found myself satisfied just watching them makes these amazing creations.

The hosts of the channel Jimmy and Ashley are in my opinion perfect and bring playfulness to the videos that add that something extra to what could be an ordinary cooking channel. Songs and costumes galore. For any fans of VGHS, you’ll know Jimmy’s humour is top-notch and if you love anime and Studio Ghilbi then you’ll love the episodes he films with his family as he cooks up dishes that you’ve drooled over. Ponyo ramen and Asuna’s sandwich from Sword Art Online just to name a couple.

There’s something for everyone on the channel and with varying recipes and varying levels of difficulty you don’t need to buy out the entire supermarket for one little treat, but if you’re ready for a challenge they have them. From Adventure Time bacon pancakes and Princess Tiana’s beignets to Undertale’s Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie and Krabby Patties. You need to check out their big bank of recipes!


3. CandyEvie

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Yes, I’m a proud and obsessed Pokemon nerd and can’t ever see myself not being one. Naturally there has to be one on my personal list and with all of the Poke Tubers out there the one I always go to is CandyEvie. No disrespect to all the male Poke Tubers, as I do love watching TyranitarTube and JayYTGamer but I was so happy to find a girl amongst the hundreds of guys talking Pokemon that I was drawn to her, despite her set up not being as professional as most. She’s sincere, honest and genuine about her situation and content, and she really knows her subject.

Girls like Pokemon too okay? Usually, there are hoards of negative comments attacking girl tubers for their appearances rather than their content and even their content is questioned simply because of their gender. Oh you like Pokemon? Then detail five of these obscure Pokemon stats. I’m sure this can often be said of other walks of nerd life which is why I champion this channel over others.

If you’re not a fan and all of this has gone completely over your head I’m sorry but CandyEvie’s channel is brilliant for any fan of the games and franchise overall. She features pack openings, fan game playthroughs, top tens and up to date information as to what’s happening in the Poke World. I don’t know why I could watch people opening Pokemon cards for hours because it often leaves me incredibly envious that I can’t do the same but…I can and I enjoy it.

2. SoloTravelBlog


Now, if you think I’m about to talk about some serious travel vlog that is visually stunning and beautiful and everything then…you’ll be sorely mistaken. Although, I’ll give it to Dustin who is the creator of this channel that he does incite a need for me to want to visit Asia and more specifically Japan; just not in the usual manner. It was because of my number one choice that I found this channel but I’m getting ahead of myself. SoloTravelBlog features videos mostly in and around Japan and the sides that you rarely see in the brochures.

Dustin commentates on his adventures to animal cafes, weird and wonderful Japanese bars that are themed like asylums and ninja dojos, and restaurants with dozens of dishes you wish you were trying. That in itself isn’t different to most travel channels but where STB differs is the personality that Dustin brings to his commentaries. Who would have thought that a droning, monotonous sounding voice would in turn be absolutely hilarious? You have to see it to believe it, but his unique voice and one of a kind catch phrases that you can listen to fifty times over and still laugh just keeps me coming back for more and more videos. That factor might be the reason why people dislike these videos but I just can’t get enough of them.

One series of videos that people flock to see in particular are his gashapon videos. For those of you who don’t know what those are, they’re the capsules you find in random places that contain little collectible toys. I only usually find them in cinemas, service stations and Toys R Us but these are HUGE in Japan. I mean, there are shops dedicated to these little capsules and you might think that one guy talking and buying dozens of these isn’t entertaining in the slightest but you need to watch STB to understand what I mean. I watched one video and the next minute I’d watched an hour and a half’s worth of them. I personally suggest you check out the food dawgs.

  1. GameGrumps


When people talk about gaming channels on YouTube they always name the obvious and I just didn’t get it. Pewdiepie was unwatchable in my opinion, forced me to cringe every other second and just wasn’t funny in the slightest. Markiplier was better and I could watch some of his videos but there were points when he would just be too much and I’d get bored with the same kind of gaming commentary. I thought I’d watched the best and so I didn’t understand where the popularity came from. That was until I found the GameGrumps.

I’m not a long running fan who has been with them since the beginning and I don’t claim to be. I haven’t seen every single video and don’t know everything there is to know but, I know one thing for sure; I find them so damn funny. I have been in stitches listening to Dan and Arin in particular, I’ve had to replay certain moments several times over just to laugh all over again. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen and heard them before, I laugh. Every episode has a laugh out loud moment and it can stem from any random conversation that the two might have. They are natural comedians and the chemistry between the two of them is what makes this channel my favourite above all others.

So comic are they that animators can and do select audio from their videos and create wonderful animations based on those moments. There is endless content available and you can back track over the years since GameGrumps began and find videos that are still just as funny as they must have been when they were made. It’s not only the videos themselves that I love about GameGrumps but the sense of family and community that they create. Arin’s wife Suzy features heavily on the channel and has two others of her own KittyKatGaming and her beauty channel Mortem3r. Suzy’s style of gaming is the casual fun kind and personally, that is the kind that I relate to. Not only that but charity events, panels and a t-shirt shop to support those charities, and to fund their content? These Grumps really care about their fans! They also talked about SoloTravelBlog during one of their videos and continue to make references, so much so that Dustin paid them a visit and vice versa. If you like both of these channels then definitely check out their meet ups.

That’s all from me! Do you have any channel recommendations for me? I’d love to hear them. Have you ever binged on YouTube and found some really weird videos? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading. You can also follow me on Twitter @bingebox.