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I'm just another TV binge hangover victim trying to find a cure by sharing my thoughts with you guys! Stay strong fellow bingers.

One Punch Man: A Super Hilarious Anime

The Hero For Fun. 

How do you make a superhero story, super?

  • Create your superhero.
  • Give them a disgustingly tragic back story to ensure your audience cry hot, messy tears when rooting for said superhero.
  • Give them flaws, weaknesses or some form of phobia at least. Anything! Your superhero can’t be invincible!
  • Give them a rocking hot body, a super cool super suit and perfect hair that any man or woman alike would be jealous of.
  • It is preferable to give them a super sidekick for comic relief. Your superhero can’t be saving the day and be funny.

Continue reading “One Punch Man: A Super Hilarious Anime”


American Crime Story: Juicy Television

If it wasn’t for my incessant need to have some form of pun in my review headline this would instead be labelled: YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS. Since the very first episode I have been hooked on this retelling of the OJ Simpson trial and it really is a credit to Ryan Murphy and his team for the brilliant, high quality story telling, for managing to create a tense and suspense filled series with most, if not all, already knowing the outcome. However, it is easy to forget that the characters on screen, that most of these events…are based on truth.

I was a mere two years old when the double homicide of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman was committed, my only knowledge of this entire trial was what my family remembered and even that was sketchy. It was because of this that I found this series utterly mesmerising, shocking and it highlighted subjects that I just could not believe were still so relevant twenty years later. A dramatised, re-enactment this show may be but it was profoundly enlightening and I hope that the commissioned second season at FX has the same impact.  Continue reading “American Crime Story: Juicy Television”

A Youtube Binge: My Top Five Channels

I don’t know about all of you out there but my binges exist outside of the television and Netflix. I can’t list how many times I’ve just popped on YouTube to watch one video and then two hours later I’m in the middle of an old and very random Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares episode that I don’t know how I found in the first place. YouTube binges are very real and thought it was high time that I recognised them, so here are my top favourite five channels that I just can’t get enough of.  Continue reading “A Youtube Binge: My Top Five Channels”

Rick and Morty: Get Schwifty

This isn’t Game of Thrones, Morty. ~ Rick

That’s right Rick, your hilariously funny, top quality adult animated series is definitely not Game of Thrones…it’s even better! Sorry, yes I said it. I haven’t been able to stomach GoT since a couple of episodes into the fifth season and it was Rick and Morty and their weird and wonderful world that I ran away to. I wanted something completely different, I wanted something light and entertaining, and something that wasn’t going to disappoint. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, gave me exactly that.  Continue reading “Rick and Morty: Get Schwifty”

Inside The Netflix Vault: Firefly and Serenity

You’ve trawled through all of their originals, you’ve re-watched their Disney offerings too many times to count and so you delve deeper into the Netflix Vault to see what you can find. There are some, far braver than I who trek deeper into the realm of obscure to find shows that you’re not quite sure what an Earth Netflix was thinking. This time around my search was cut short as I was recommended Firefly with ardent enthusiasm and I got stuck in over the Christmas break.  Continue reading “Inside The Netflix Vault: Firefly and Serenity”

Poldark: A Turner Surprise

As promised, that one chance viewing of an episode on a flight gave me more reason enough to finish the series and hence this brand, spanking new review. Poldark did not disappoint. Not that I was expecting it to, but I was also not expecting to be in tears by the finale or pulling on my hair during moments of sudden increased tension, or for that matter squeeing with happiness at how surprised I was by the direction of the plot. Continue reading “Poldark: A Turner Surprise”

Bingebox’s Bits and Bobs.

Life has been busy of late, I spent last week experiencing the holiday of a life time in Disneyworld Florida (first time in the USA) and the weeks before that just getting all excited for it. Now I’m home and the laptop screen looks weird and my keyboard feels strange. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, that’s why I’ve been a little sparse on the reviews this past month. However, seeing that blot of time lapse on the blog makes me feel the need to post at least something; so here it is. Continue reading “Bingebox’s Bits and Bobs.”

Empire: All About The Music

First things first, I’m terrible at loving music. In fact, I’m a music lover’s worst nightmare. I never had that one particular band, group or singer that I loved growing up and even now I can name only a few. I didn’t have that one music love that I could sing all the lyrics to and could support them enough to want to see them live. I never bought an album, had musically inspired posters or gushed over an artist. I bopped along to songs I liked and sung Disney songs louder than I should. Empire is a show whose very foundations are rooted in music and it’s industry and yet I still had a ball watching and listening to it.  Continue reading “Empire: All About The Music”

BB First Impressions: Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde, ITV’s brand spanking new Sunday revival drama aired this weekend with the promise to bring a supernatural feast to a Doctor Who’s age audience– or attempt to win the un-followers of the series, who have lost interest in BBC’s leading sci-fi drama due to the muddled and murky direction it has been led astray into…but that’s just a personal opinion. Firstly, I found it’s success rate of achieving that goal a hit and miss situation but overall I believe it has the foundations for an interesting adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel of 1886.  Continue reading “BB First Impressions: Jekyll and Hyde”

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