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Steven Universe: Universally Sound

Summer. Tis the Season of Hiatus. All my favourite shows are taking a well-earned break because they assume that everyone is out in the sun having fun…that would be true if I didn’t live in Wales. No swimming pools, no BBQ but rainy days huddled inside from the not so Summery weather and so how do I decide to spend it? Lighting up the dreary with Steven Universe of course! After thoroughly enjoying Avatar The Last Airbender, I thought I’d give another cartoon a shot and Steven and the Crystal Gems were calling to me over on Cartoon Network.  Continue reading “Steven Universe: Universally Sound”

BingeBox Wants: Books on Television

Do you know what I’m sick of? Picking up a brilliant book, loving it to the bindings and back, only to be overly disappointed by the film adaptation that follows not long after. I am by no means alone, I can safely say that there are millions of book readers out there who will vouch that nine times out of ten, Hollywood just doesn’t know how to take care of a popular book series when putting it to the screen.

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Sense8: Simply Sensational

Well, what can I say about Netflix’s latest original series sense8? Where do I even start!? How about with the most incredible, diverse cast that drama has probably ever seen? Perhaps with the highly engaging and intriguing concept that you crave to know more about? Maybe with the glorious scenery and enriched style of camera editing? No? Would you care for some of the most memorable scenes that will leave you thinking about them days after you’ve seen them? If you think I’m over exaggerating about the quality of this show then please let me tell you why I couldn’t be more serious.

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Avatar The Last Airbender: Ten Years Too Late

This one isn’t so much a review, but a commendation to what I have recently discovered to be a simply wonderful children’s television series that could still appeal to all ages. How has it taken me ten years to finally watch this? I ingested so many shows like this during my childhood; Pokemon, The Powerpuff Girls, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh and all the worthy shows that were available to my tiny sponge mind. If I’d known, my Pokemon cards, beyblades and figures could have been joined by some serious bending in my front room. Believe me, I would have tried.

Continue reading “Avatar The Last Airbender: Ten Years Too Late”

Bates Motel: Check In If You Dare

You all know Psycho right? That black and white horror of the 60’s directed by Alfred Hitchcock? That first film in Hollywood cinema to show a toilet on screen? That famous shower scene that had you wary of shower curtains? That squeak squeaking knife? Well if you didn’t, now you do! It is from this Psycho core that Bates Motel stems its roots, branching simultaneously backwards as well as forwards because this major creep trip of a show is a contemporary prequel. This was actually a surprise for me, I can’t say I was expecting Norman Bates to own an iPhone but I do believe it gave the story a new lease of life. I can’t recall ever having come across one before…if anyone else has then let me know!

Continue reading “Bates Motel: Check In If You Dare”

Penny Dreadful: Penny Wonderful More Like

Let me take you back to 19th Century London, where you’ll find industry and poverty spreading over the cobbles as thickly and quickly as a past plague. Where the humble orange is a special treat and where the most entertaining, bloodthirsty and compelling of stories could be bought for a penny on a street corner. (British Term Alert: A penny is low form of currency) This Penny Dreadful however, that has hit Showtime and Sky Atlantic for one and now a second season is not only entertaining, bloodthirsty and compelling but is the story format’s 21st Century upgrade. Prepare to be thrust into the gory and the Gothic, and literature lovers rejoice as there is plenty to be excited about!

Continue reading “Penny Dreadful: Penny Wonderful More Like”

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Drag Yourself Over

“If you can’t love yourself then how in hell you gonna love somebody else?”

~ RuPaul

Time for something a little different, I say a little different…I mean different to the max! What has caught my tele gorging attention recently is not a historical drama or popular big budget series but RuPaul’s Drag Race: America’s Next Top Model high on skittles and dripping in glam. All thanks to my sister coming across this beauty on Netflix I have been seriously bingeing my way through this and after seeing the light there is no going back.

Continue reading “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Drag Yourself Over”

Turn: A Lesson in Revolution

Oh, say, can you see–God save our gracious King– by the dawn’s early light. If you tune into Turn you’ll find yourself caught in the famous conflict between the British and the rebelling American Colonists during the revolution from 1765-1783 as America fight for freedom in this series by AMC. Prepared to be trapped in a nugget of history laden with; lies, secrets and spies, and learn a little something along the way. I know I did.

Continue reading “Turn: A Lesson in Revolution”

Outlander: A Bonnie Show Indeed

Ye cannae miss thes shaw! I was none other than Jon Snow starting this series, I knew nothing apart from seeing a pretty woman and an equally as pretty man from the promotional poster, and it was the lack of spoilers that was just one of the reasons why I was swept up into it so quickly. Outlander: An immersive historical fantasy with just the right dashing of romance, loveable and loathable characters, and all set in the glorious beauty of the Scottish Highlands that I’ve longed to visit…STARZ won me over once again and I’m pretty certain that all you other lads and lasses out there will join me in saying so if you haven’t already. I also wish to thank cosmopolitewannabe for being the one to recommend this one to me! Continue reading “Outlander: A Bonnie Show Indeed”

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