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Penny Dreadful: Penny Wonderful More Like

Let me take you back to 19th Century London, where you’ll find industry and poverty spreading over the cobbles as thickly and quickly as a past plague. Where the humble orange is a special treat and where the most entertaining, bloodthirsty and compelling of stories could be bought for a penny on a street corner. (British Term Alert: A penny is low form of currency) This Penny Dreadful however, that has hit Showtime and Sky Atlantic¬†for one and now a second season is not only entertaining, bloodthirsty and compelling but is the story format’s 21st Century upgrade. Prepare to be thrust into the gory and the Gothic, and literature lovers rejoice as there is plenty to be excited about!

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Black Sails: The Black is Back

Quick! Grab some snack supplies, hustle together a crew of your most favoured friends and set sail on the comfiest sofa (or if you’re me Captain it alone under the duvet) as you’re going to suffer from one almighty binge hangover from this treasure of a series. Continue reading “Black Sails: The Black is Back”

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