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April 2015

Turn: A Lesson in Revolution

Oh, say, can you see–God save our gracious King– by the dawn’s early light. If you tune into Turn you’ll find yourself caught in the famous conflict between the British and the rebelling American Colonists during the revolution from 1765-1783 as America fight for freedom in this series by AMC. Prepared to be trapped in a nugget of history laden with; lies, secrets and spies, and learn a little something along the way. I know I did.

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Outlander: A Bonnie Show Indeed

Ye cannae miss thes shaw! I was none other than Jon Snow starting this series, I knew nothing apart from seeing a pretty woman and an equally as pretty man from the promotional poster, and it was the lack of spoilers that was just one of the reasons why I was swept up into it so quickly. Outlander: An immersive historical fantasy with just the right dashing of romance, loveable and loathable characters, and all set in the glorious beauty of the Scottish Highlands that I’ve longed to visit…STARZ won me over once again and I’m pretty certain that all you other lads and lasses out there will join me in saying so if you haven’t already. I also wish to thank cosmopolitewannabe for being the one to recommend this one to me! Continue reading “Outlander: A Bonnie Show Indeed”

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