Tatiana Maslany.¬†I see no other way in which to start this post other than with the name of the leading actress who oozes pure magnificence, brilliance and genius. Exaggerating you say? I kid you not, it would be an impossible task to try and name any other who could play several characters with such intensity and professional purpose as Maslany. For those of you who don’t watch for actor performance alone Orphan Black¬†resists complete genre categorisation by shading with tones of several: sci-fi, fantasy, drama and perfectly weaved comedy are strung together to create a web of watch-ability that would make any spider proud. If you’re looking for a series of limitless potential, unexpected twists and plot directions, and has characters you love to love and love to hate (even if they are all played by the same actress) then here it is! Continue reading “Orphan Black: Join the Clone Club”