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One Punch Man: A Super Hilarious Anime

The Hero For Fun. 

How do you make a superhero story, super?

  • Create your superhero.
  • Give them a disgustingly tragic back story to ensure your audience cry hot, messy tears when rooting for said superhero.
  • Give them flaws, weaknesses or some form of phobia at least. Anything! Your superhero can’t be invincible!
  • Give them a rocking hot body, a super cool super suit and perfect hair that any man or woman alike would be jealous of.
  • It is preferable to give them a super sidekick for comic relief. Your superhero can’t be saving the day and be funny.

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Hunter X Hunter: Bingeable Anime

As someone who adored watching anime throughout my childhood from the likes of: Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Beyblade and those episodes of Sailor Moon that are now lost in memory, I’m not so hesitant to delve into this realm of vibrant, creative and original series that many refuse to even try. Why are there people so reluctant to? Perhaps anime to those who have not peeped into the many hundreds that are out there consider it not appropriate for serious adult viewing, and it can be treated as children’s fodder compared to the mainstream television shows. (Much to the dismay of the millions of fans out there.) Just as many prefer not to watch foreign subtitled films, the same explanations could apply to anime which as popular as it is still remains a niche market for television in the broad worldwide sense. Continue reading “Hunter X Hunter: Bingeable Anime”

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