If it wasn’t for my incessant need to have some form of pun in my review headline this would instead be labelled: YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS. Since the very first episode I have been hooked on this retelling of the OJ Simpson trial and it really is a credit to Ryan Murphy and his team for the brilliant, high quality story telling, for managing to create a tense and suspense filled series with most, if not all, already knowing the outcome. However, it is easy to forget that the characters on screen, that most of these events…are based on truth.

I was a mere two years old when the double homicide of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman was committed, my only knowledge of this entire trial was what my family remembered and even that was sketchy. It was because of this that I found this series utterly mesmerising, shocking and it highlighted subjects that I just could not believe were still so relevant twenty years later. A dramatised, re-enactment this show may be but it was profoundly enlightening and I hope that the commissioned second season at FX has the same impact.  Continue reading “American Crime Story: Juicy Television”